04/16/2013 10:07 am ET | Updated Apr 16, 2013

'The Voice' Producer Mark Burnett Explains Why NBC's Reality Singing Competition Is So Successful (VIDEO)

In addition to producing the incredibly successful miniseries "The Bible," Mark Burnett is also the master behind reality singing competition "The Voice." Now in its fourth season, "The Voice" has become a stand-out sensation in the ratings on Monday and Tuesday nights, defying the common reality-TV formula of cat fights and shock value.

Burnett explains this phenomenon by citing the public's longing for more positive, uplifting television and suggesting that snarky shows may be behind us. "The nation is in a much kinder place," Burnett tells Oprah in this clip from "Oprah's Next Chapter." "['The Voice'] is kinder. There's no humiliation of anybody on 'The Voice.'"

This kinder reality-show format wasn't initially embraced by everyone, however. "Many people said when we started, 'Oh, people won't want to watch unless there [are] big fights,'" Burnett recalls. "It wasn't true. 'The Voice' has succeeded with kindness and just great talent."

"Oprah's Next Chapter" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on OWN.

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