Alexander Polli, Professional Skydiver, Flies Through Narrow Rock Hole In Wingsuit (VIDEO)

04/17/2013 05:04 pm 17:04:59 | Updated Apr 18, 2013

This video will probably be the craziest thing you see today.

In it, professional skydiver Alexander Polli jumps out of a helicopter and flies through a narrow hole in a rock wall while wearing only a wingsuit, a fabric outfit that lets humans "fly." (Think of a flying squirrel, and you'll get the picture.)

The video was shot in high-definition by many cameras, including a helmet cam, to give the viewer an idea of what it's like traveling at speeds of up to 155 mph through an opening in a sheer rock wall.

When he tweeted the footage Wednesday, Polli wrote a short but profound message to go along with the video: "I live like this because I am aware I have only 1 life."

Polli, a 27-year-old self-described "body flight professional," said he got the idea for the stunt while hiking with friends on Montserrat mountain, near Barcelona, Spain.

He has experimented with precision wingsuit flying before: Check out his YouTube page to see more of his videos, like the one of him flying through a waterfall or the time he flew over his own mom.

As for how Polli landed, we're hoping that tiny backpack he's wearing is a parachute.

(Hat tip, Mashable)

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