Ice Cube Trays: The Polar Bear Design Wins For Cuteness (PHOTO)

04/17/2013 09:10 am ET | Updated Apr 17, 2013

We can all agree that an ice cube tray shaped as a polar bear is just about the cutest thing that will ever appear in our freezers. At first sight, we were smitten with this little white bear. It just makes ice so much more fun. But what we didn't realize was that it was also the smartest in ice cube tray design.

The polar bear ice cube tray not only makes your freezer more exciting, but it protects your ice from absorbing any of those unwanted freezer smells -- because nobody likes those. And it also keeps crumbs out of your cubes. Genius, we know. And, that's not all.The polar bear also protects your hands from having to ever touch ice. No more cold hands for you.

You can get this adorable ice tray at black+blum for $20. It's a slightly high price to pay for an ice cube tray, but totally worth it for the cuteness factor.

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