04/17/2013 02:31 pm ET | Updated Apr 19, 2013

Clean A Chandelier With Help From Your...Hair Dryer?

Decorative lighting can add a touch of drama to your home. But these fixtures can also be a bit of a pain to clean because they often have delicate (or intricate) parts. Luckily, the website All You found an easy way to clean chandeliers without having to strain yourself.

First, unplug or turn off the chandelier. Then, make a solution of one part vodka and five parts water, pour into a spray bottle and spritz the fixture. Finally, use a hair dryer on a low setting to dry the area and remove any lingering debris.

Julie Edelman of "The Accidental Housewife” told Fox News Magazine she also recommends using a this beauty appliance when dusting a chandelier.

So, even though you'll have to use an extension cord to allow the dryer to reach the pendant, this technique will definitely help you clean more thoroughly than you could with an ordinary feather duster.

Click through our slideshow to see more unique cleaning tips and tricks. And be sure to head over to All You and Fox News Magazine for more information.

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