Doctors Dubbed 'Heroes' For Their Life-Saving Efforts After Boston Marathon Tragedy

04/17/2013 05:33 pm ET | Updated Apr 17, 2013

Even as the United States reels in shock and anger after the mayhem and heartbreak of the Boston Marathon tragedy Monday, one needn't look far to find incredible stories of courage and humanity. From ordinary heroes who risked their lives to help those injured in the blasts, to strangers offering comfort to those affected, these stories of hope have validated President Obama's declaration that the U.S. responds to evil with selflessness and compassion.

One of the heartwarming stories making headlines this week is that of Dr. Peter Fagenholz, a Massachusetts General Hospital trauma surgeon who tirelessly performed surgeries on blast victims through the night on Monday.

“This is work,” he told reporters earlier this week, explaining how he was coping with the stress, as well as the volume of critically injured patients. “When this happens, we just go to work.”

Over the last few days, netizens have taken to Twitter to praise Fagenholz.

Fagenholz isn't the only medical professional lauded for his courageous efforts Monday.

According to ABC News, off-duty trauma surgeon David King, who participated in the marathon and was resting when the explosions occurred, immediately rushed to Massachusetts General to help conduct surgeries on blast victims. Dubbed a "hero doctor," King compared the injuries he saw Monday to those he saw in war zones in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Dr. George Velmahos, chief of trauma service at Massachusetts General, said survivors of the blast escaped further harm because of the efficient and indomitable efforts of doctors like King and Fagenholz, as well as the first responders, medics and Good Samaritans who helped the victims immediately after the blast.

"Because of the rapid response ... life was able to be saved," said Velmahos, according to ABC.

Here's Dr. Peter Fagenholz talking to reporters earlier this week:

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