Fabolous' 'Ready' Video Inspired By 'Maid In Manhattan'

04/17/2013 08:28 am ET

Fabolous has released a new music video for his latest single, "Ready."

In the video (shown above), the Brooklyn-born rapper is in a hotel room, developing chemistry with his maid. He starts to pursue the maid, taking her on over-the-top dates, before the couple finds themselves in bed.

If the storyline sounds a little familiar, that's because it is: Fabolous drew inspiration for the video from a Jennifer Lopez romantic comedy, of all places.

"We developed the story, kinda shaped it behind 'Maid in Manhattan' with Jennifer Lopez," Fabolous told MTV News.

The 2002 romantic comedy stars Lopez as a hotel maid who becomes involved with a wealthy D.C. power player, played by Ralph Fiennes.

"The video actually was trying to bring back that feeling when little girls or the little guys were watching the videos and be in awe of them," he added. "A lot of videos now have turned to being more guys bragging or trying to look as cool as they can in the video and not really telling that story."

"Ready" also features vocals and appearances by Chris Brown. The single is the first track off of Fabolous' upcoming album, "Loso's Way 2: Rise to Power," due out June 18.


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