04/17/2013 01:01 pm ET | Updated Apr 17, 2013

Honest Toddler Knows A Great Time To Call A Meeting About Your Sock Situation

Since we started our monthly Honest Toddler roundups, we've noticed certain themes emerge in his tweets. We know, for instance, that he adores churros, enjoys "Sesame Street" and likes to stay in touch with Santa. We also know -- and have not been particularly surprised to discover -- that he and mommy and daddy don't see eye to eye on the issue of bedtime.

"Funny how you can live inside someone's body for almost a year but a 1AM grilled cheese is taking it too far," HT tweeted recently. A few days later, he pushed it further: "Toddler Tip: 3AM is as good a time as any to call a meeting about your sock situation." Frankly, he finds his parents' behavior suspicious: "'You'll wet the bed.' So that's the plan. Dehydrate me to save on pullups. Why are we so broke?"

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