04/17/2013 05:39 pm ET

LA's Best BBQ Joints Are Finger-Lickin' Good (PHOTOS)


This story comes to us courtesy of Refinery29.

By Sarah St. Lifer

You would think that after so many BBQs under our (adjustable) belts, we would have a solid grill game on lockdown. Believe it or not, we've charred an unspeakable number of burgers, and even managed to mess up the humble potato salad, before. So, in order to brush up on our grill game, we just had to hit up L.A.'s most delicious BBQ spots.

Of course, we wouldn't deprive our dear readers of our tangy, flavorful finds. Go on, grab the extra napkins and plug these ten spots into the GPS — but, no matter what you do, don't wear white!

LA's Best BBQ Joints