04/17/2013 03:42 pm ET | Updated Apr 22, 2013

Rick Ross Reebok Salary Revealed As Rapper Asks For Forgiveness

In today’s Rick Ross news, reports have surfaced surrounding the estimated amount of money the rapper will lose from his now defunct Reebok endorsement deal.

Sources close to the rapper revealed to TMZ that Ricky Rozay, will reportedly lose between $3.5 and $5 million stemming from the deal, which he announced last month.

Since the termination of his contract, the Maybach Music Group honcho released the following apology;

Before I am an artist, I am a father, a son, and a brother to some of the most cherished women in the world. So for me to suggest in any way that harm and violation be brought to a woman is one of my biggest mistakes and regrets.

The incident has resulted in mixed reactions from some of the rapper’s fellow peers, including Eve, who feels that the decision was inevitable.

“I think they did what was in their right as a corporation,” she said during a recent interview with Rap-Up TV. “People still have to remember it is a business and there are shareholders that are bigger than just Reebok that are probably looking at this situation and being like, 'You know what, this is not something that we want to represent.’"

“And they probably tried to hold on as long as they could, but when you get something like that and people are actually signing petitions, as a corporation you’re responsible for the things that you do. And I’m sure they got pressured to do it.”

Despite losing his million dollar income from the international brand, sources also told TMZ that the rapper feels the company should forgive him due his contribution to making the classic sneaker relevant again in the hip-hop community.

Ross has since resorted to revenge and can be seen on Instagram sporting a pair of Reebok's rival, Brand Jordan.

Rick Ross and Reebok


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