04/17/2013 05:09 pm ET

Why You Shouldn't Sweat Swimsuit Shopping This Year (GIFS)

Ah, bikini season. That stressful time of year is coming around, and we can already feel the collective fear and apprehension of the women around us. Here at HuffPost Style, however, we've decided not to sweat it -- seriously, we're totally happy to forego the purchasing process altogether this year.

To prove to you that buying a swimsuit doesn't have to be a source of stress this summer, we've rounded up a list of reasons no woman should take shopping for bathing suits too seriously.

1. That stuff's expensive -- seriously, how is it OK to price tops and bottoms separately?

2. By the end of the summer, it's just going to be totally stretched out anyway.

3. You're hanging out with a big crew at the beach, so you'll probably go unnoticed.

Story of my life.

4. You end up wearing your trusty bikini from two seasons ago anyway.

5. You can totally pull off the "mixing and matching" thing with last year's suits.

6. If you skipped a few sessions at the gym (or ate your weight in carbs the day before), you can always buy high-waisted bottoms and say you decided to go "vintage."

Lena DunHam Style

7. Plus, confidence is about 99.9 percent of the battle.

8. And honestly, is this really worth bugging out about?


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