Here's the thing about babies. They're probably not going to sing "Happy Birthday" for your friend. Exhibit A: the infant featured in this clip, Casper Copeland, is clearly unmotivated by his brother Oliver's early attempts to get the song rolling -- or perhaps offended by an in-your-face demand to "sing!" -- and he does his best to get kicked off the set.

The siblings have humor in their genes. Before making this masterpiece of a video, dad Brad Copeland wrote and produced for "Arrested Development" and was tapped to write and direct CollegeHumor's first movie. So it's unsurprising that the denouement of this work is laugh-out-loud funny. Spoiler alert: the baby is ultimately replaced by a more complacent surprise stand-in.

Next time, if his brother wants a more willing accomplice, we have a few nominations.

CORRECTION: This article originally misidentified the older brother in the video, Oliver, as a girl. Baby Casper is no doubt even less impressed with us than he was with his big brother!

h/t PBS Parents

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