'F CANCR' License Plate: Nick Williams, Oklahoma Cancer Survivor, Fights To Keep It On His Car

04/18/2013 04:04 pm ET | Updated Apr 18, 2013
  • Ron Dicker General Assignment Reporter, The Huffington Post

An Oklahoma cancer survivor whose "F CANCR" license plate was recalled might still have hope of keeping it.

In a case that has gained national attention this week, the Oklahoma Tax Commission disallowed Nick Williams' "F CANCR" license plate because of its implied obscenity. However, Williams can appeal to have his case heard by an administrative law judge, a spokeswoman for the commission told The Huffington Post on Thursday.

The 32-year-old, who has endured surgery and chemotherapy in the two-and-a-half years since he was diagnosed with brain cancer, said the "F" stands for "fight," according to KOCO Eyewitness News and other outlets.


On Monday, Williams took to his Facebook page, writing, "Well I just got off phone with Oklahoma Tax Commission and their still saying no because of its offensive. If I'm fighting Cancer and winning then this should be a piece of cake."

The man considers the large curved scar on the side of his head a badge of honor and credits his wife and 5-year-old son, Kameron, for helping him keep up the fight against the disease.

Contrary to earlier reports, the spokeswoman said that to her knowledge, there were no specific complaints against Williams' license plate; the commission simply thought it was inappropriate.

She said Williams has been given instructions on how he can protest the decision and added that alternatives to "F CANCR" were also discussed. In a Tuesday Facebook post, Williams said he would follow through on a letter seeking an appeal.

Readers who would like to show their support for Williams can sign a Change.org petition to have the commission renew his plate.

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Nick Williams, a brain cancer patient, says the "F" stands for "fight." Credit: KOCO

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