04/18/2013 09:19 am ET

Hillary Clinton: Boston Bombings Response Exemplifies What It Means To Be American

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Wednesday addressed the Boston marathon bombings, telling audience members at a New York City event that there were bright spots amid the tragedy.

"I've been obsessed the last few days as I'm sure a number of you have been about the terrible violence and loss of life and injury in Boston," she said at the Global Fund for Women 25th anniversary gala, according to CNN. "Like so many Americans and those watching around the world, we saw ordinary citizens alongside first responders rushing into danger to help. It was a tragic terrible day, but it seemed to exemplify what Patriots' Day really means, because we do better when we work together. Women and men, all of us across every line that is used to divide us."

The city of Boston was shaken on Monday when twin bombs ripped through a crowd gathered near the finish line of the city's annual marathon. Patriots' Day, normally a cause for celebration in the city, grew solemn as reports of deaths and mass injuries spread. In the end, three were killed and more than 170 were injured.

On Wednesday, Clinton noted the emotional toll that such violence takes, but said the positive response from both those in the area during the incident and around the nation in its aftermath was uplifting.

"It is important that as our hearts go out and as our support for people who were affected in Boston that we remember what makes this country so unique: the sense of volunteerism," she said. "Whether it's responding to a disaster like we saw in the streets of Boston the other day, strangers were helping strangers, or whether it was this Global Fund."

On Thursday, an interfaith healing service will be held in Boston. President Barack Obama and 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney are among those expected to attend.

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