04/18/2013 04:53 pm ET | Updated Apr 18, 2013

MI6 Safe House: Did Google Maps Reveal A Secret Government Location? (PHOTO)

M is not going to be pleased.

London Loves Business spotted a most curious building on Google Maps, as a construction in central London appeared to be marked on the map as an "MI6 safe house."

Government agencies like MI6 -- the British version of the CIA -- often use hidden locations, dubbed safe houses, to shelter people in need of protection. The key word here is "hidden" -- safe houses tend to be closely guarded secrets, their whereabouts limited to a need-to-know basis to avoid compromising the safety of their inhabitants.

Even more surprising, is that the supposed MI6 safe house has received several, mostly poor reviews critiquing the quality of the building and the safety.

"I'd have given this a great review, except some twonk has published the location on Google and now I have to move. Great," one reviewer wrote cheekily.

"Cramped and stuffy. Staff efficient and buisness-like [sic] rather then friendly. Would only use as a last resort rather then choice," another user mused.

According to Time Out London, the site was once a Middlesex Hospital. However, taking a closer look using Google Street View, only a building facade remains on the lot, which appears to be a construction site.

While the circumstances of how the MI6 safe house became a searchable location on Google Maps are unknown, we'll let you decide for yourself whether this location is the real deal or just another Google prank.

As Metro U.K. notes, one Reddit user, who claims to work on the site, was quick to point out: "Someone has played a google maps prank on this construction site." We reached out to Google to confirm but did not receive a response back at the time this story was published.

mi6 safe house google maps
(Photo via Google Maps)


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