04/18/2013 02:39 pm ET

Mike Bost Concealed Carry Meltdown: Tantrum-Prone Lawmaker Erupts On House Floor Amid Debate (VIDEO)

In what's become something of a calling card for the downstate GOP lawmaker, state Rep. Mike Bost, a Murphysboro Republican, launched into an angry, attack-filled tirade during a debate over concealed carry on the llinois House floor Wednesday.

The House was debating the "may issue" proposal in the state's forthcoming concealed carry law which would let sheriffs decide whether someone has a good enough reason to carry a gun, WUIS reports.

Democratic state Rep. Scott Drury, of Highwood, blasted the House's GOP members for opposing the issue, saying, “It is absolute nonsense. You know you can scream all you want.”

Drury's comments triggered Bost's tirade, full of angry screaming and emphatic gesticulations. Audio from Bost's comments in the video (embedded) begins around 1:46.

Once order was briefly restored Drury landed one last zinger, telling the House, “So here’s my point, members. We don’t want someone like that carrying a concealed weapon.”

Both lawmakers later apologized for their conduct after the flare-up, according to the Associated Press.

"More guns are not the answer to the city's gun violence problem," Rep. Kelly Cassidy, a North Side Democrat who sponsored the amendment, said according to the Tribune.

The vote was yet another setback for gun-control advocates who had hoped to capitalize on a decision from U.S. Supreme Court earlier this week which refused to rule a similarly restrictive concealed-carry law in New York state unconstitutional, the Sun-Times reports.

Gun-rights advocates now plan to call for a vote on a "shall issue" concealed-carry bill, reports the Belleville News-Democrat. Unlike the defeated language stating a permit "may" be issued, under the "shall" issue, a permit would have to be issued to anyone who meets certain requirements.

While Bost has blown up in a debate before, he's not the first state lawmaker to get heated over gun control: In March, Rep. Jim Sacia's (R-Pecatonica) screaming rant went viral after he compared Illinois gun control to castration.

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