04/18/2013 12:32 pm ET

Victoria McGrath, Student Wounded In Boston Explosions, To Reunite With The Man Who Saved Her (VIDEO)

Here's another story of the incredible kindness of a stranger at the Boston Marathon -- and a victim who will finally get to thank the man who saved her.

Twenty-year-old Northeastern University student Victoria McGrath had suffered shrapnel wounds to her leg and appeared to be in pain in a medical tent when Sergeant Tyler Dodd stepped in to help her.

Dodd, a Purple Heart and an Afghan vet, who identifies as a recovering alcoholic, told the Daily Mail that he "saw the terror in (her) eyes" and just knew he had to talk to her.

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victoria mcgrath sgt tyler
Photo shows McGrath being carried to a tent by a firefighter.

"She was obviously in extreme pain. If there was nothing else I could do, I could talk to her," Dodd said.

He showed her the marks left from his own injury from an IED.

The paper states that he told her, "You’re going to have a scar, but you’re going to be OK. It’ll be like my scar."

Dodd's comfort helped McGrath cope: "I can't describe how calm she was at that point and she, very selflessly, told me to go help other people," he told Fox News.

During a televised press conference yesterday, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick announced a plea on McGrath's behalf for her savior to come forward. She wanted to express her gratitude but all she knew about him was that he was a veteran named Tyler.

Sgt. Dodd came forward hours later and a reunion is now in the works.

The former soldier told Fox, "Her strength helped me in the situation to help other people. She just seemed like an amazing person."

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