Burger King Delivery? Glendale Franchise Owner Experiments With Pilot Program

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Could fast food get any more convenient? For fans of Burger King, apparently the answer is yes. A franchise restaurant in Glendale, Calif. is the first in the Golden State to offer delivery service to nearby customers.

"It's quite a feather in our cap," said franchise owner Bob Stevens to the Los Angeles Times.

The restaurant, located on North Central Avenue, takes orders on a website that determines whether or not you live within the delivery zone (10 minutes from the restaurant during traffic, notes the Times). Then one of five drivers delivers the food, wrapped in special packaging that promises to keep burgers hot, fries crispy and lettuce cool.

The national fast food chain has already launched pilot programs in parts of Miami, Houston, Washington D.C. and New York. Next week Stevens' Burger King restaurant on Eagle Rock Boulevard will roll out the program. Eventually, 15 locations in San Francisco will also have a delivery service, notes the Times.

It's not as hip as living inside the Pizzeria Mozza delivery zone, but we're guessing that Angelenos will take any opportunity to avoid rush hour to get dinner on the table.

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