04/19/2013 03:38 pm ET

Google Doodles Celebrate Latino Community With Culturally Relevant Creations (PHOTOS)

Latino And Hispanic Google Doodles

Are we currently celebrating any Latino occasion? Let’s check today’s Google doodle!

Lately, we’ve noticed the web company has been focusing more on the Hispanic community, highlighting some of their most prominent figures, culture and folkloric events in history by adding an original image with Latino thematic to their logo on the search toolbar.

Most recently, the company paid honor to late Mexican singer Chavela Vargas. Last month it also sparked a controversy when they decided to showcase civil right activist Cesar Chávez on the 86th anniversary of his birthday during Easter Sunday, taking away attention from the Christian celebration.

We found a couple of these images around and put together a gallery of some of the newest additions. Take a look above at the latest Latino and Hispanic Google doodles.