When 15-year-old Dejsha Tatum took a seat in her school auditorium for an assembly about the military on Tuesday, she had no idea she'd be in for the surprise of her life.

The South Carolina teen believed her mom, Army Maj. Laura Byrd, was still deployed overseas. Little did she know, Byrd was backstage, waiting anxiously to surprise her daughter after months of being apart.

"I talked to her this morning, so she has no idea that I'm actually here," Byrd, who's been in Kuwait since August, told WACH FOX news reporter Ivory Hecker. "I'm a single parent. I had no one to greet me at the airport, but this is worth it all -- the surprise to her." (Byrd has been divorced for 11 years).

Watch the video above to see the sweet mother-daughter reunion, then click through the slideshow below for more heartwarming homecoming stories.

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