'Parks And Recreation': Jerry's Retirement Doesn't Go As Planned (VIDEO)

04/19/2013 06:19 am ET | Updated Apr 19, 2013

"Parks and Recreation's" long-suffering Jerry just can't catch a break -- even on the day he retired, chaos followed wherever he went.

Although Leslie tried to make Jerry's final day at the office a memorable one, they were plagued by everything from bossy security guards to mislabeled plaques -- the poor guy even managed to set fire to himself with the candles on his goodbye cake.

Luckily, we haven't seen the last of Jerry; even though he's technically retired, he'll still be in the office one day a week until the gang can find a replacement. May we suggest Britta from "Community," the only person who Brittas things up worse than Jerry?

"Parks and Recreation" airs Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. ET on NBC.

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