On Earth Day, Here's How To Be A Non-Annoying Green Advocate

04/22/2013 10:23 am ET | Updated Apr 22, 2013
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You know the type -- the slacktivist who comes out of the woodwork on Earth Day with baby seal photos on Facebook; the too-in-your-face activist who actually turns you off from the cause; or the naive advocate who just seems ill-informed.

Nobody wants to be that guy -- any of them.

So we've got some simple, effective, non-obnoxious ideas for spreading the message on the importance of conserving the most precious resources we have.

Though Americans reportedly prioritize environmental issues less now than they did in 1971 at the beginning of the Earth Day movement, people are actually taking more steps to protect the environment, according to a HuffPost/YouGov poll.

Maybe you're part of this group and you've stepped up your recycling or you plan to plant a tree to commemorate Earth Day. These steps are commendable, and we're also giving you ideas on going even further to spread the message to others as an advocate for the resources so many of us take for granted.

Spread the message and do good by volunteering, supporting only green businesses or educating yourself on the particulars of an issue.

What will you do to celebrate Earth Day? Check out these suggestions and let us know your ideas in the comments below.

Put It In Writing
If you're feeling strongly about a specific topic, you're likely not alone. Reach stakeholders who can take action on a specific issues and make your voice heard. Send a letter to the State Department, for example, urging it to reject the Keystone XL Pipeline at Or visit for a list of petitions ranging from fighting fracking in our backyard to protecting endangered species abroad.

Support The Local, Little Guys
Sure, there's Greenpeace, PETA and the big names, but why not support a local nonprofit working to help the environment? Check out our top green local charities of the month advocating for causes that range from international land and water conservation to neighborhood recycling programs. Learn more here.

Advocate With Your Wallet
Support companies where green practices are part of the package deal. And protest those that aren't as environmentally friendly by taking your business elsewhere. Sites such as Newsweek rank companies on these factors, making it easy to be an activist through everyday decisions.

Educate Others
The Water Planet Challenge provides anyone from educators to community leaders the tools they need to teach about water and land conservation. The organizations also gives provides grants to educators. Learn more here.

Pledge A Green Act
The Earth Day Network is making it easy to pledge 1 billion green acts. Whether your plan is to plant a tree, clean up a park or commit to another noble green act, join the pledge and movement and find power in numbers. And spread the word! To add your green act to the count or to find a green event in which to participate, click here.

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