Peter Lloyd, U.K. Writer, Sues Gym For Women-Only Hours, Claims 'Gender Bias'

04/22/2013 05:12 pm ET
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A British writer says he's flexing his rights by suing a London gym for its women-only hours.

Peter Lloyd says Kentish Town Sports Centre's policy of barring males 442 hours a year is "sexist." Writing in the Daily Mail, Lloyd said he proposed that the gym either offer guys-only hours as well, end the exclusive female workout times or charge men a lesser price to reflect their diminished access.

Lloyd says the gym pressed its case by pointing to a Women Sport and Fitness Foundation study that found many women are uncomfortable with their appearance when they exercise.

Other publications have also weighed in on the essay.

"Lloyd’s write-up is compelling and thought-provoking, even for those who might find his opinions whiny and insensitive," AdWeek said.

Anna Breslaw at Jezebel wrote that the sexual harassment of women at gyms over the decades didn't generate sympathy for his cause. "Give us our 442 hours a year and stop crying," she said.

The Kentish Town Sports Centre recently underwent a renovation worth $38 million and now features a 125-station gym.

A gym employee told HuffPost that he could not discuss gym membership prices on the phone.

Tell us what you think. Is Lloyd's claim of "gender bias" just, or just silly?

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