04/22/2013 05:06 pm ET

Snoop Lion On LA Riots: 'I Had A Record Out And I Was Looting' (VIDEO)

Spiritual awakening aside, Snoop Lion doesn't want you to forget that he has a dark past.

In an interview with HuffPost Live's Marc Lamont Hill Monday, the performer reminisced about the life he used to lead, which included the gang ties that fed his art as a gansta rapper.

"I was gangsta-ed out," recalled Snoop. "I was 24-7 cripping 'til I couldn't crip no more." But what may be most surprising to viewers is Snoop's admission that he also took part in the looting during the 1992 Los Angeles riots -- despite the fact that he was already a well-known rapper by then.

"We was out there in the mix. I was taking -- looting -- with the regular [people]," remembered Snoop. "I had a record out and I was looting, you know what I'm saying?"

This isn't the first time Snoop has spoken about his involvement in the LA riots. The rapper narrated a 2012 documentary called "Uprising: Hip Hop and the L.A. Riots" for VH1 -- a film that explained the riots from the viewpoints of Snoop and other rappers.

"To anybody who had grown up in the ghettos of Southern California, what happened to Rodney King wasn't nothing new," Snoop says in the beginning of the film.

Director Mark Ford told HuffPost in a 2012 phone interview that it was easy to convince the rapper to be a part of the film, and Snoop was "passionate" about the project.

"He pretty much jumped on board almost immediately," recalled Ford. "Snoop was part of the riots, part of the looting. He and his friends lived through it, and [his narration] lent an air of credibility."


'Uprising: Hip Hop And The L.A. Riots'