04/22/2013 12:03 pm ET | Updated Apr 22, 2013

Student Allegedly Pees In Teacher's Coffee Pot

This sounds even worse than decaf.

A 16-year-old student, whose name has not been released, was charged with assault earlier this month for allegedly urinating in a teacher's coffee pot, KPHO reported.

The alleged incident took place March 15 at Central High School in St. Joseph, Mo., when someone reported that the coffee from a "personal coffee pot in a storage room" tasted "like chemical or cleaner," St. Joseph Superintendent of Schools Dr. Melody Smith said, according to Dreamin' Demon.

Investigators determined that the strange taste was actually human urine, and reviewed extensive surveillance footage to determine which student they believed was responsible.

One teacher who drank the pee-infused coffee has sought medical attention.

"She still has worries about her health concerns," Todd Brockett, president of the St. Joseph National Education Association, told KPHO, "because she was told there is an incubation period for some particular types of diseases."

Police believe at least one other teacher may have also consumed the tainted beverage.

"A very unpleasant incident," St. Joseph Police Capt. Matt Rock told KPHO.

According to the New York Daily News, he is expected to appear in juvenile court on April 30.