04/23/2013 04:58 pm ET

Shane Dawson's Rant About Boy Bands, The New 'Thor' Trailer And 3 Other Things We're Into This Week


Every week, HuffPost Teen editors round up 5 things they're excited about -- from new video games, to books, to viral videos, to entertainment news. Check out this week's picks in the slideshow below, and email or tweet @HuffPostTeen with your suggestions!

This week, Shane Dawson posted an epic YouTube rant about a certain new boy band, and Marvel made our day by sharing a first peek at a new movie starring one of our favorite "Avengers." Also, our obsession with Fifth Harmony continues.

Honorable mention goes out to the 30 teams in Major League Baseball for agreeing to hold free screenings of the new Jackie Robinson biopic "42" for teens in their local communities.

5 Things We're Into This Week
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