04/23/2013 06:33 pm ET Updated Apr 23, 2013

Jilted Husband Sues Bride For Allegedly Taking $72,000 In Wedding Gifts

A runaway bride didn't just break her fiancee's heart -- she allegedly robbed him of $72,000, too.

According to the New York Post,a Brooklyn man claims his pregnant fiancee left him two days after their unofficial ceremony and took $72,000 of their wedding gifts with her, including her $24,000 engagement ring.

She reportedly declined to wed him legally because she was on the waiting list for an income-restricted apartment, and the two celebrated their union with a traditional Chinese ceremony instead.

However, the woman told the Post that her ex is also holding onto cash gifts given to the couple by her relatives, and that the pair had a "disaster relationship."

Watch the video above for more on this case, then click through the slideshow below for other unusual divorce stories:

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