04/23/2013 06:37 pm ET

John Bradley, Heroic Boston Police Officer, Delivers Milk To Family On Lockdown (PHOTO)

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Terror fades, goodness lingers. Already, one of the lasting images from the standoff in Boston is of this officer delivering milk to a family who couldn't leave home.

Brookline Police Department officer, John Bradley, brought two gallons of milk to Kevin and McKenzie Wells, parents of 17-month-old Holden. Dad posted the photo on Facebook, and then the Boston Police Department tweeted it.

Unsurprisingly, the image quickly went viral and was shared almost 60,000 times on Facebook by Sunday, according to CBS News.

Mom told how grateful her family was for Bradley's gesture. "We wanted to pay him but he wouldn’t take money from us. He was just so generous," she said.


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