Margaret Thatcher Biography Claims Prime Minister's Husband, Sir Denis Thatcher, 'Contemplated Divorce'

04/23/2013 05:15 pm ET
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Former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher's marriage almost ended in divorce after her husband, Sir Denis Thatcher, suffered a nervous breakdown, a new book claims.

In the new authorized biography of Lady Thatcher, former Daily Telegraph editor Charles Moore details the critical moment in Thatcher's marriage, which came in 1964, when Thatcher was a backbench Tory Member of Parliament.

The Thatchers' daughter Carol told Moore that her father was approaching his 50th birthday and running the family paint business, Atlas, when work pressure caused him to have a breakdown, The Telegraph reports.

He was "genuinely knackered," Carol reportedly told Moore, adding that her father "didn’t like every aspect of being married to a politician." Moore, who interviewed Sir Denis for the book, suggested: "He may even have contemplated divorce.”

Sir Denis made a full recovery after a two-month break in South Africa and later sold his company to Castrol. He died in June 2003, at age 88.

Lady Thatcher, who married Sir Denis in 1942, would come to rely heavily on her husband during her 11 years in power.

“I could never have been prime minister for more than 11 years without Denis by my side," she wrote in her autobiography. "He was a fund of shrewd advice and penetrating comment. And he very sensibly saved these for me rather than the outside world.”

Lady Thatcher died of a stroke earlier this month at the age of 87.

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