Leave it to the iconic symbol of college keg parties to come up with such an extensive line of party ware. The plastic red cup is no longer just for beer. It's moving away from beer pong and branching out in its party purpose. The red cup now comes in shot glass sizes and an extra-large 32 oz. beer size (our personal favorite). They're also shaped as wine glasses, margarita cups and even classy cocktail glasses.

Whether the red cup brings back great college memories or flashbacks of nights you wish to forget, this summer we think you can expect to see a lot of red cups -- thanks to the guys at Red Cup Living. Check them out below.

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  • 32 oz. Icon XL Cup

    32 oz. Icon XL Cup | <a href="http://shop.redcupliving.com/32-oz-icon-xl-cup/" target="_blank">$10</a>

  • 15 oz. Margarita Cup

    15 oz. Margarita Cup | <a href="http://shop.redcupliving.com/margarita-cup/" target="_blank">$10.00</a>

  • 12 oz. Cocktail Cup

    12 oz. Cocktail Cup | <a href="http://shop.redcupliving.com/cocktail-cup/" target="_blank">$10.00</a>

  • 2 oz. Shooter Cup

    2 oz. Shooter Cup | <a href="http://shop.redcupliving.com/2-oz-shooter-cup/" target="_blank">$4.00</a>

  • 8 oz. Wine Cup

    8 oz. Wine Cup | <a href="http://shop.redcupliving.com/8-oz-wine-cup/" target="_blank">$6.00</a>

  • 14 oz. Wine Cup

    14 oz. Wine Cup | <a href="http://shop.redcupliving.com/14-oz-wine-cup/" target="_blank">$10.00</a>

  • Magnetic Bottle Opener

    Magnetic Bottle Opener | <a href="http://shop.redcupliving.com/magnetic-bottle-opener/" target="_blank">$9.00</a>

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