04/24/2013 10:37 am ET Updated Apr 24, 2013

'The Bible': History Channel Show's Crucifixion Scene 'Haunted' Jesus Actor Diogo Morgado (VIDEO)

Producer Mark Burnett's miniseries "The Bible" captivated more than 100 million people when it aired on the History Channel. The series was filled with dramatic moments, but perhaps the most poignant was the highly anticipated crucifixion scene. Diogo Morgado, the Portuguese actor who portrayed Jesus in "The Bible," opened up to Oprah in an episode of "Oprah's Next Chapter" about how powerful the crucifixion scene was for him -- even from the beginning of filming.

"I was haunted by that [crucifixion] scene," Morgado tells Oprah in the clip. "I was seeing that coming every second of the way."

The crucifixion scene took three days to film and triggered a stirring reaction from Morgado when he was lifted onto the cross. "On that cross, I can tell you I remember one thing," he says. "I saw all of my life just flashing in front of my eyes. It was this overwhelming feeling [that] every small single second of my life was leading up to that moment."

Even reflecting on that scene now makes Morgado extremely emotional. "That was just huge for me. I don't want to go there very often," he says in the clip, as his eyes fill with tears. "Imagining that that was just a single fraction of a second of what Jesus did for us... It's pure and unconditional love."

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