04/24/2013 04:41 am ET Updated Apr 24, 2013

'The Voice': Shakira And Usher Square Off On Final Night Of Battle Rounds (VIDEO)

The final night of the battle rounds ended with a memorable battle indeed on "The Voice." Shakira pitted two of her Latin artists together, and even had them perform one of her own Spanish-language songs. It was a little anticlimactic in that Usher had his final Steal left and this was clearly the last performance of the battle rounds. So it really came down to which one would wind up on Team Shakira and which one would shift over to Team Usher.

Based on how it played out, it would appear that this wasn't the actual last battle of the battle rounds. If it had been, then both singers -- and Carson Daly -- would have known they were both guaranteed safety. Instead, it was a truly epic battle between Cathia and Mary Miranda.

When it was over, Shakira was torn, as were the other judges. Usher talked about how they were challenged by singing Shakira's song in front of her, joking that it may have been narcissistic on her part. Shakira defended the choice, saying, "I wanted to see if they were going to try and imitate my voice, or make it their own. You know?"

The two went back and forth a bit, with Usher saying that you should never get into an argument with a Latina woman -- and with Maria and Cathia both on the stage, he was definitely outnumbered. Hollywood Life got a kick out of the friendly tiff between the coaches.

In the end, she went with Maria, leaving Cathia available for Usher to snatch as the final member of his team heading into the Knockout Round. The New Jersey Star-Ledger applauded the Steal, remarking how Shakira would kick herself if Usher won the show with a Latin artist.

Next week, it's the Knockout Rounds as "The Voice" continues Mondays and Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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2013 Renewal Index: Canceled, Renewed & On The Bubble Shows