'Arrow': Oliver's Tough Choice Could Cost Him His Closest Ally (VIDEO)

04/25/2013 05:45 am ET | Updated Apr 25, 2013

Oliver Queen struggles with the decisions he makes every day on "Arrow." But a decision he made this week may have cost him one of his closest friends and closest allies as the hooded vigilante. When it came down to helping Diggle face off against Deadshot, or go after an assassin who was targeting a kid who was with Laurel and Tommy, of course he chose Laurel.

Even though he saved them, it was still too much for Tommy. He knew that Laurel and Oliver weren't over one another, and he left Laurel. With Oliver off helping them, Diggle was left to his own devices against Deadshot and he was outmatched. The only reason Deadshot didn't kill him was apparently because no one was paying him to. But he fully intended to at some point.

Feeling betrayed and abandoned -- as well as second fiddle to whatever matters to Oliver -- Diggle decided to quit, leaving Oliver alone in his vigilante business with Felicity. With Tommy having already walked away from the club he owns with Oliver, the playboy millionaire is losing friends and associates at an alarming rate.

"How will Oliver continue without the support of those he cares about?" wondered Buddy TV. Entertainment Weekly noted that this wasn't the first time Diggle has said he was done with Oliver. They predict the partners will make up before fans know it.

If it does take a while, though, then it's a good thing that Roy Harper decided he needs to find the vigilante who changed the course of his life. He wants to make amends and perhaps follow in his footsteps. Perhaps as Speedy, or Arsenal, or even Red Arrow?

See who's by Oliver's side in the future on "Arrow," Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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