President Barack Obama was sitting next to former First Lady Barbara Bush at the dedication Thursday of the presidential library of her son, former President George W. Bush. She apparently said something to Obama that made him laugh:

barbara bush barack obama
(Photo credit: Charles Dharapak/Associated Press)

What was it that she said to the president? Tweet us your ideas using the #ObamaPhotoCaptions hashtag or by posting in the comments section. Here are some of our favorites:

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  • Ani Sangye

    @HuffPostPol #ObamaPhotoCaptions "That boy didn't learn to read until he was 19."

  • Scott Benner

    “I just finished ‘Life Is Short, Laundry Is Eternal, it’s a must read” #ObamaPhotoCaptions @HuffingtonPost

  • Robert Jolley

    @HuffPostPol #ObamaPhotoCaptions! "I said just call me #MissDaisy"

  • Eddie Campbell

    @HuffPostPol #ObamaPhotoCaptions "my husband and son were awesome Presidents"

  • jryanlaw

    @HuffPostPol the whole family is mad at me about what I said to @mattlauer but #YOLO #ObamaPhotoCaptions

  • Mauricio Losilla

    @HuffPostPol #ObamaPhotoCaptions Ironic 2 dedicate library to guy who can't read! Rmembr Booker Elem on 9/11?

  • Nicodemus

    #ObamaPhotoCaptions He insisted the first book on the shelf was going to be "My Pet Goat"

  • Eddie Campbell

    @HuffPostPol #ObamaPhotoCaptions "Don't you find this highly ironic "❓

  • Jo Perry

    @HuffPostPol #ObamaPhotoCaptions Bush. Library.

  • robotsoul

    "I love all my children equally....I don't care for George" #ObamaPhotoCaptions