04/25/2013 10:47 am ET Updated Jun 25, 2013

Boston Magazine's May 2013 Cover Made Of Shoes From Marathon

The May cover of Boston magazine is simply stunning.

The cover used dozens of pairs of shoes from the marathon, which form a heart around the message "We Will Finish The Race." The magazine tweeted a photo of the cover on Thursday.

boston magazine

Other publications have paid tribute to the city of Boston on their covers in the wake of the tragic bombings at the marathon. Sports Illustrated featured "Boston Strong" on its cover, showing Jonny Gomes at the emotional Red Sox game on the Saturday after Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was captured. The New Yorker also dedicated its cover to the Boston Marathon last week, with a poignant illustration by Eric Drooker entitled "Shadow Over Boston."

(h/t SB Nation)


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