04/26/2013 04:47 am ET

'American Idol' Surprise: Candice Glover Gets A Surprise Visit From Drake (VIDEO)

It was an emotional night for Candice Glover and the other three women making up this season's powerful "American Idol" Top 4. It's always stressful on elimination night, but Candice was afforded a moment of shocked euphoria to lighten her evening. And based on how her season is going, she needs to keep picking artists that she would love to meet.

Last week, Candice performed a Paula Abdul song, and Paula showed up the next night with hugs and adoration. This week, she tackled one of her favorite artists, Drake. This week, she got a message from him saying that he loved it and wished he could be there. But it was a fake out. The video wall opened up and out he stepped.

After the show, Candice Instagrammed a picture of her with Drake, dubbing this the "best night ever." What made it the "best" went even beyond Drake. Thanks to the judges not using their Save this season, all four finalists were declared safe for one more week. Votes would be combined across two weeks to see which of them leaves next week.

The Top 4 sings again on "American Idol," next Wednesday and Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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"American Idol" Season 12
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