04/26/2013 10:39 pm ET | Updated Apr 30, 2013

Dog Mourns Death Of Beaver Friend (VIDEO)

Now, that's a loyal pal.

In this very sad, yet heartwarming video, a sick-at-heart pooch is 'mourning' the death of a beloved but unlikely friend: A beaver named Beavis.

According to YouTube user "Jack Bdead" who uploaded the video, Beavis and Bella the dog had played and lived together "for quite a while" before Beavis died last year.

"Bella has been in mourning for hours," the YouTuber said.

Though first published when Beavis breathed his last in July 2012, the moving video has experienced a viral resurgence this week.

"I love it when even animals show their love for other," wrote one YouTube user on Friday after watching the clip.

"Aww, it went from cute to sad and then touching. It's a wakeup call to cherish life," wrote another.