Thursday's edition of Jimmy Fallon's "Late Night Hashtags" asked the Twittersphere to tweet about weird doctors. As it turns out, doctors everywhere are doing some pretty questionable things.

This one got so many responses that #MyDoctorIsWeird became a worldwide trending topic. Watch Fallon read the best ones above.

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  • #AwkwardDate

    Don't tweet while on a date!

  • #ItsSoHot

    Staying inside and tweeting helps you keep cool during a heat wave.

  • #ThatsMyRoommate

    This is why many of us choose to live alone.

  • #BestPrankEver

    Dads will believe anything (wait for the USB joke).

  • #YeahIDidThat

    Michael Jortman seems like an innocent enough mistake.

  • #PartyFail

    Fallon really loves the "bonemeister" joke.

  • #MyDumbInjury

    Jimmy's is the best.

  • #OopsMyBad

    Grandma planking is the best.

  • #DadQuotes

    You can't unhear these.

  • #MyWorstValentine

    It's good to laugh at failed romance. It's a sign of healing.

  • #WorstPickupLines

    The best/worst ways to get a date.

  • #ImAnIdiot

    Arsenio Hall would have the best concerts.

  • #MyPetIsWeird

    We are suckers for cat pictures.

  • #MyCrazyTeacher

    You never forget your elementary school teacher.

  • #HoHoHellNo

    Santa, with attitude.