04/26/2013 09:33 am ET

Jon Stewart: George W. Bush Presidential Library Is 'Disasterpiece Theater' (VIDEO)

On Thursday, Jon Stewart revisited a topic near and dear to his heart: The presidency of George W. Bush. The dedication of the Bush presidential library in Dallas, Tex. was an opportunity for Stewart to take digs at the 43rd president's administration.

He criticized the Bush center for the memorabilia from his White House years on display, calling it "the Hard Rock Cafe of catastrophic policy decisions."

Another area Stewart found laughable was the notion that 41st president George H.W. Bush's legacy has improved since leaving office in 1992. "Because he's being compared to George W.! If one of G.W.'s kids becomes president in 2032 and somehow invades the moon, I'm sure he'll look a lot better, too."

Next, Stewart spoke to correspondent Al Madrigal, "on assignment" in Dallas. He walked through a few of the Bush center's most idiosyncratic features, such as an interactive feature in which guests are forced to make the decisions Bush faced in office -- and are informed that they are wrong if they made the decision Bush did not make. Stewart dubbed the feature "disasterpiece theatre."

WATCH: Jon talks to Al Madrigal about the Bush presidential library.


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