04/26/2013 10:48 am ET | Updated Apr 26, 2013

More Republicans Would Prefer Their Kids Live With Farm Animals Than Teach Sex Ed: Poll

Republicans would rather let their son or daughter keep a farm animal in his or her dorm room or break an ankle while running naked than host a sex ed class, according to the results of a recent 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair Poll.

The poll asked, "If you had a child in their first year of college, what is the last thing you would like to hear about him or her?" Overall, 25 percent of parents would shiver at news their darling was making fake IDs, and 24 percent said they'd most disapprove of their kid holding the record for consuming Jell-O shots.

Yet among Republicans, 28 percent identified hosting a sexual education class in their dorm twice a week as the worst possible scenario for their child, compared to just 10 percent of parents who preferred their child break an ankle while streaking, and 6 percent who chose "having a farm animal in their room."

By contrast, 30 percent of Democrats said setting a record for Jell-O shots was the least preferable, and 26 percent worried about hearing their child was making fake IDs. Eighteen percent of Dems said they'd hate to hear their kid was hosting a sex ed class.

If their child was offered their dream job during their third year of college, more parents would choose to tell their kid not to take the job, with 45 percent saying they'd recommend staying in school. Just 23 percent would say go ahead and take the job.

The poll also found that adults reported that, by and large, they wished they had made more of an effort in college themselves, and that the collegiate movie that most resembled their campus experience was "Good Will Hunting."


The Evolution Of The Dorm Room
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