04/27/2013 02:09 pm ET

Dr. Phil McGraw, 'Life Code' Book Author, Tells Oprah The World Is Changing: 'We've Got To Prepare Ourselves' (VIDEO)

Dr. Phil McGraw, the straight-talking psychologist-turned-talk-show-host and author of the new book Life Code, has lived long enough to see the world change dramatically since he was a child. From toxic people to technology, there's no denying that the world has evolved in significant ways over the last several decades -- and this means that people should be changing their approach along with it, Dr. Phil says.

In this clip from "Oprah's Lifeclass" with Dr. Phil, he very clearly expresses what many people around the world are feeling: that we live in a new time, within a new reality. So why would anyone continue to operate under yesterday's principles and expectations? "When the game changes, the rules change," Dr. Phil says. "When the rules change, you need a new rule book."

That rule book is exactly what Dr. Phil has written with Life Code. In the book, Dr. Phil reveals how the real world works today -- not how we wish it worked -- and pointedly exposes how you can identify the toxic and dangerous people and situations in your own life. You just need to know how the new game is played, he says.

"We need to have an urgent awareness," Dr. Phil says. "Because the world is changing. The world I was born into is not the same world that my children were born into. And now I'm a grandfather -- those children are born into a completely different world."

When Oprah asks him to explain exactly how the world has changed, Dr. Phil sums it up with one sentence: "Things are much more fast-paced," he says. "[Our kids] are seeing explicit sex scenes on network television… They can get bullied in their home in their rooms on those social chat rooms. And predators are grooming them there when they weren't grooming them there before. It's just a very different fast-paced, sophisticated world. And that means we've got to prepare ourselves and our children for that new world."

To learn how to prepare yourself, tune in to "Oprah's Lifeclass" with Dr. Phil on Sunday, April 28, at 9 p.m. ET on OWN.

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