04/27/2013 11:39 am ET | Updated Apr 27, 2013

New Yorker April 29, 2013 Issue Features Almost All Male Writers


The New Yorker regularly publishes theme issues -- the Journeys issue, the Style issue, the Money issue, etc. -- but for the April 29, 2013 edition, the magazine seems to have a different theme.

Friday writer Ann Friedman took a photo of her copy's table of contents and tweeted,

Hey look, it's a special all-dude issue of The New Yorker! twitter.com/annfriedman/st…

— ann friedman (@annfriedman) April 26, 2013

The Frisky blogger Jessica Wakeman posted the image to her Tumblr, noting, "Even Talk of the Town is 100% men."

It turns out that not every byline listed is male. New Republic story editer Chloe Schama tweeted at Friedman that this week's issue does feature the work of one female poet.

Friedman responded, "They do. I selectively cropped that photo to make a point. STILL."

The reasoning for the nearly all-male lineup is unclear. Could it have just been an editorial accident? Did the gender imbalance not even occur to the magazine's staff?

Twitter user Edgar Mwakipesile asked Friedman, "Are you implying that this is gender-based discrimination at work?"

Friedman replied, "Cannot speak for others, but I'm implying gross negligence."

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