Obama Cracks Birther Joke: 'I'd Rather Keep' My Presidential Library 'In The United States' (VIDEO)

04/28/2013 01:19 am ET

Birthers, rejoice. President Barack Obama did not leave you out of his 2013 White House Correspondents' Dinner remarks.

Two days after President George W. Bush's library opened in Dallas, Obama joked about the location of where his future spot would be built.

"I'm also hard at work on plans for the Obama library," he said. "Some have suggested that we put it in my birthplace but I'd rather keep it in the United States."

Back in April 2011, Obama attempted to dispel birther rhetoric by releasing a copy of his long-form birth certificate. As late as February 2013, one GOP state senator from Michigan was still questioning the validity of that document.

"Did anybody not see that joke coming?," Obama continued. "Show of hands. Only Gallup? Maybe Dick Morris?"

Morris famously predicted in late October 2012 that Obama would lose the presidential election to Mitt Romney by a landslide. That bet proved to be futile come November, and was a contributing factor behind Fox News' decision to end Morris' tenure as a network pundit.

"I was wrong, and I was wrong at the top of my lungs," Morris told CNN's Piers Morgan in February.

Watch a video of Obama's joke above, and check out a slideshow of photos from the event below:

White House Correspondents' Dinner 2013
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