04/29/2013 01:58 pm ET | Updated May 05, 2013

Donald And Nancy Featherstone, Massachusetts Couple, Wear Identical Outfits For 32 Years (PHOTOS)

Well here's one way to show you're happily married!

Donald and Nancy Featherstone of Fitchburg, Massachusetts have dressed alike for 32 out of 36 years of marriage.

''First and foremost, it's fun!" Nancy explained to the New York Times in 1997. "We like it! But it's also the clearest sign we can give that we're together. For Donald and me, that's our deal.''

Donald made his fortune inventing those pink flamingos that have dotted the lawns of suburban lawns in America for years. But he really struck it rich when he married his wife on July 23, 1976. "We are always together, and that’s the only way we like to be,” Donald told documentarian Kate Schermerhorn in the film "Happily Ever After."

The couple began wearing the same outfit every day in December 1980 (inspired by a trend among young couples during Nancy's high school years). All sewn by Nancy, the couple has more than 600 matching outfits.

With so many options, who gets to pick what they wear for the day? “The one that gets to the closet first,” Donald told Schermerhorn.

The Featherstones aren't the first two people to show they're together through matching outfits: Husband and wife Mel and Joey Schwanke have dressed alike for more than 35 years. "“We don’t dare go somewhere without having matching outfits,” Mel told Headline News. “Every day, my tie matches her dress.” It's a trend young couples in South Korea have picked up on as well, with boyfriends and girlfriends wearing his and hers matching outfits out and about.

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