This. Guy. Right. Here.

The internet has given us many things, but a "win" when you think you're about to watch a "fail" is right up there with the best of them.

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  • The Mover

    He's supervising.

  • Help Me!

    If I live through this you can call me "An Ambulance"

  • Clean Up Aisle 5

    Yeah, paper towel will really clean it up.

  • Spellcheck

    Does not understand the English language.

  • Alcohol Poisoning?

    Get more!

  • Block That Shot

    Or just stand there, I guess.

  • Time Does Not Exist

    According to this clock.

  • Major Spill

    Don't worry, the skeleton's on it.

  • Words Of Encouragement

    Those odds may be terrible, but there's always hope.

  • It's All For Show

    And the added inconvenience.

  • Lost?

    Not even this sign can tell you where to go.

  • Going Somewhere Special?

    Well, this bus won't take you there.

  • Deranged Directions

    Well, which one is it?

  • Siri, Make Me Feel Cool...

    Or seriously lame.