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Insects With Water On Their Heads Photographed By Dmitriy Reinshtein (PHOTOS)

Dmitriy Yoav Reinshtein

It's an admittedly bizarre premise, but the results are extraordinary.

Israeli photographer Dmitriy Yoav Reinshtein, 26, assembled an entire gallery featuring macro photos of insects with water on their heads. Though he works for an advertising agency during the day, Reinshtein captured these amazing close-ups for the simple joy of it.


In a comment on PetaPixel, Reinshtein noted that, "All insects were alive at the moment of shooting." He then let them go.

"The process was not easy," Reinshtein told The Huffington Post, adding that the insects weren't harmed as a result of the photos.

"All insects are alive and healthy," Reinshtein said in an email. "You just need to talk with them -- to calm them and to spend a lot of time [taking one picture]."

Reinshtein confirmed to HuffPost that the pictures have been processed in Photoshop but only for correcting "contrast, white balance, sharpness, etc."

Last year, Slovakian photographer Ondrej Pakan took a similar series of pictures, featuring bugs photographed just after a downpour.

"I get soaked waiting for the rain to finish," Pakan noted to The Telegraph. "But it all seems worth it when you get really great shots of the insects with drops on them."

Through macro photos such as these, Pakan wrote on his blog, "We can discover a world of small monsters. Each fly, bee and spider is a perfect predator or a warring victim in this empire. It's always a big surprise for me to find out how many species, forms and colors exist in this kingdom."

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Insects With Water On Their Heads

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