Skydive Marriage Proposal: Skydiver Gets Big Surprise On Land (VIDEO)

04/29/2013 06:31 pm ET | Updated Apr 29, 2013

Thomas Smith, a web application developer from California, decided that he wanted to do 30 amazing new things in honor of his upcoming 30th birthday. Two of these "amazing things?" Skydive in Hawaii, then pop the question to his girlfriend.

On his YouTube channel, "30 Amazing Things," Smith shared a video of him and his girlfriend of seven years, Chelsea Garnett-Bower, skydiving in Kauai; then, immediately after they landed, Smith got down on one knee and proposed. Watch the video, posted to YouTube Wednesday, of the skydive and proposal above. (Spoiler alert: Garnett-Bower said "yes!")

Smith told HuffPost Weddings that the "30 Amazing Things" project was born out of a desire to do things he was afraid to do. He said he decided to include his proposal to Garnett-Bower as one of his "amazing things" because he had always told himself they'd get married but never actually made things official.

"For some reason it was a goal of mine, but one that I wasn't working on at all. The time for waiting was over," Smith said. "I knew that hitting the ground after something like that, we'd already be feeling immensely empowered by the dive. I figured that those following moments would seem dreamy and surreal and just when she thought she couldn't be higher, I wanted to add to that."

Garnett-Bower told internet clip show Right This Minute Wednesday that during the skydive she had a feeling Smith was about to propose.

Smith will turn 30 in September 2013, so he plans to complete the rest of his 30 amazing things by September 2014. His first "thing" was participating in the Color Run Los Angeles in February, and his second and third "things" were skydiving and proposing to Garnett-Bower earlier this month.

Watch Smith's "30 Amazing Things" series on YouTube.

In 2011, "Good Morning America" helped one man propose to his girlfriend during a skydive. Before she landed, she saw a sign on the ground that said "Will you marry me?" Another skydiver proposed to his girlfriend by wearing gloves that said "Marry me" and holding his hands up as they fell through the air.

Check out more extreme proposals in the slideshow below.

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