Snake In A Car Scare Southern California Driver Angie Guerrero (VIDEO)

04/29/2013 02:38 pm ET | Updated Apr 29, 2013

Warning: This driving story may haunt your dreams and give you an irrational fear of your own car.

Southern California driver Angie Guerrero had the presence of mind to stay calm when she felt something slithering between her legs. She was driving on the 14 freeway in Santa Clarita, Calif. when she looked down and saw a brightly colored snake. While Guerrero admitted she almost hit the car next to her, she managed to overcome her fear and pull over safely, grabbing her dogs as she exited her car.

It took responding authorities an hour to safely remove the reptile from her vehicle, which they identified as a non-venomous kingsnake, reports CBS2.

From now on, the lucky motorist said she'd be more careful before getting into her car -- although her situation does have us wondering what other creepy crawlies we should watch out for before going on a drive.

Just last week, a driver in Vietnam was arrested for having 53 venomous King cobras in his car, reports the Associated Press. Unlike Guerrero, however, the driver knew he was transporting snakes; he told officers he had been paid to deliver them. Authorities seized the cobras, which were in green sacks, and brought them to a wildlife rescue center.

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