Teddy Bear Surgery: YouTube User, Zefrank1, Operates On Stuffed Toy (VIDEO)

04/29/2013 10:37 am ET
  • Megan Griffo Assistant Editor, Good News, The Huffington Post

Open-heart surgery can be grisly.

It was, at least, for YouTube user zefrank1's teddy bear.

In the newest creepy video to hit the Internet, "Teddy," a brown stuffed animal, gets snipped open while a Hannibal Lecter-like voice narrates.

The invasive surgery reveals some weird insides: Sprinkles, a cockroach, and what appears to be used cigarettes are only the beginning of the madness.

We're not sure if the whole thing is one big (bad) metaphor -- in the end, a "bad boy" breaks Teddy's heart -- or just meant to creep you out.

Either way, mission accomplished.

H/T msnNOW.com

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