Amos, LA Homeless Man, Sees Westside For The First Time (VIDEO)

04/30/2013 09:04 pm ET

What does the Pacific Palisades look like through the eyes of a homeless person? For Amos, who lives in a tent in downtown LA, the wealthy community is a world away from the sights, sounds and smells of of his normal life on the streets. He visited the tony Westside neighborhood for the first time last Sunday, and LA filmmaker Kemal Cilengir captured his reaction in the video above.

"It's not like the cold concrete that I'm used to ... that urban life," Amos says. "This would be like heaven on earth. It's so quiet, and it smells kind of good too."

Amos, who goes by the nickname "Chicago," has lived on the streets of downtown LA for the past year after serving several years in prison, according to Cilengir. They befriended each other in 2012, and about 8 months ago, Cilengir decided to give Amos a digital camera to make movies about what his life is like on the streets.

Cilengir, 28, uploads the footage to his YouTube channel Silicon Cheef, which he runs with friend Jeff Delshad. Amos' videos are part of a series called "Downstreet$" that focuses on homeless life in LA.

Cilengir, who lives in West LA, has spent a lot of time with Amos and other homeless people in downtown LA. But last weekend, he decided to bring Amos to his own stomping grounds for a change. Cilengir told HuffPost that he treated the day as if Amos were an out-of-town friend visiting LA for the first time.

"I really don't know why he hasn't ever hopped on a bus to go check out Venice," said Cilengir. "But I wanted to give him that opportunity, I wanted to show him places I like to go just to chill out -- just something completely different from his every day life."

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