04/30/2013 07:56 am ET

'Bates Motel': Norma Gets Her First Guest, And He's Super Creepy (VIDEO)

Things seemed about to hit the fan after the death of Deputy Shelby at the motel on "Bates Motel." But the arrival of Sheriff Romero -- who's had it in for Norma since she got to town -- netted some surprising results. The Bates' came clean about everything that happened, and it was Romero who was suddenly weaving a tale. He came up with a story that saw him as the hero in the story, and the Bates innocent of everything that had happened since the pilot.

It was as if the show abruptly closed the door on the first half of the season, wrapping up all that tension and uncertainty in one bow invented by the sheriff. Could it really be that easy?

But just as one chapter closed, another opened. This one was the chapter of the Bates Motel as a business in operation. And Norma even got her first customer, who was all kinds of mysterious and creepy. He said he had a standing reservation dating back to the motel's previous owner, and he wanted to continue it.

For a week every other month, he wanted to rent the entire row of rooms, paying for it in cash. "And we’d like our privacy, so there’s no need to clean our rooms or do anything for us during the week," he explained. Norma was wary, but certainly in need of the business.

Nevertheless, TVOvermind said Norma was an idiot for going along with this. IGN agreed, saying, "Yes, she’s desperate, but she’s just had a close call with the sex ring, would the, ‘Hey, we’d love to take the exact same rooms that the last rapist owner rented to us, and please don’t come in for the week, cause’ I’m in ‘sales’ muahahahahah,’ not set off some kind of alarm? It was a bit too much for us, as the audience, to swallow."


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